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New 3 Days Intro to Watercolor class in Ajijic

Learn to paint from accomplished artists. Learn the right way the first time. You'll safe money and time and have more fun creating! Intro to Watercolor a class for beginners offered in Ajijic by Cristi Fer Art Studio  I discovered that many love to start to paint in watercolor but do not know where to start . There are so many options, and new materials are inundating the market. Even thaw they are wonderful and fun, a beginner starts experimenting with tools such as watercolor pencils or crayons,  before they learn to do a bleed, or wash.  So we decided to offer a beginner class to our neighbors here in Lakeside, Chapala and Ajijic area. We also found out fast that some have some martials for years, kept safe a drawer, while some do not have the paint, paper or brushes. This different scenarios helped us decide to start offering 2 options. Class with martials 1500 pesos or without martials 1200 pesos. The class is 3 consecutive days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 10 AM to 12 P

Can you travel this Winter 2021? Visit Ajijc! Delight in the weather! Take a painting class at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops

Winter Delight in Ajijic Mexico 2021 Join Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops for a day a week or a month of artistic expression   Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico it's a wonderful place to learn to paint or ignited your creativity. I took this photo few days ado, February 10, 2021. What a blessing the mild weather, the flowers, painting in this amazing environment! We at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops in Ajijic just started on Feb. 15, 2021 to offered painting workshops in person. And we'll love to paint with you. We'll paint outdoors, with safe distance and mask. We all want to be safe and healthy! No experience needed but we worked with artists of all levels of experience. The One Painting in One Day are for people with no experience, or painting for fun, or looking for a fun activity at the Lake Side. Snowbirds or individuals who want to improve their art or spend quality time while in Ajijic Chapala we offer week long and month long painting workshops. WE teach acrylic pai

Things to do in Ajijic Jalisco Mexico re initiating painting workshops in person

One Painting in One Day workshop in progress at  Cristi Fer Art Studio in Ajijic, Mexico At Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops in Ajijic we are excited to have re started offering painting workshops after 10 months. If you are visiting the Lakeside Jalisco or a snowbird spending few weeks or months of Winter with us in this amazing temperate climate, join us for a day or more of painting fun. Our first workshop offered today was: Doors of Mexico, acrylic painting on canvas, from a photo reference. This workshop it's offered weekly every Monday 10 AM to 2 PM All materials are included!  Paint the door of your home, hotel, guest house or use one of our many photos options.  Contact us in advance to register since the participation it's limited to 3 students since we respect safe distancing, wear face mask. We also offer this workshop outside for your safety. The special price this Spring is of $1000 pesos per participant.  Things to do in Ajijic! One Painting in One Day workshop

Teaching online new to me I am joining Skill Share

Join the class for FREE for 2 week on Skill Share I love teaching and with this crazy pandemic I am exploring other ways to teach such as YouTube and Skill Share.  The benefit to you it's that you don't need to travel to Mexico the beautiful place where I am. But you can take classes from the confort and solitude of your home. Besides this outlets we Fernando and I, Cristi plan to offer Live demos on YouTube and we are giving classes on ZOOM. Well Fernando is.  What can you learn: We are 2 painters with over 30 years of experience so so can teach almost anything. But we want ti stick to what is interesting for us such as sketching, painting architectural topics, watercolor (will be some classes on Skill Share soon) so you may want to FOLLOW us there Of course acrylic and oil painting. I used to use soft pastels for many years and I have fun with oil pastels also. We'll teach sketching skills, abstract, realistic, expressionist and magic realism. So

Sketching daily practice to improve your drawing fast

In my last Skill Share class Sketch with Confidence, Easy and Fun, I am introducing 3 Sketching Daily practices. They are super simple but powerful! I invite you to practice them along with me for 21 days.  Every day for 2-5 minutes anytime fits into your schedule. This is the link Let me know if you see any improvement in your sketching, drawing and even painting. Many artists feel unsure about the way they apply lines and strokes on the page or canvas. Some suffer of a timid overwhelm when looking at the blank page. This simple oractices will give CONFIDENCE to start and continue no matter what project. Subscribe by E mail so you get news from my blog about classes on Skill Share, free demonstration and workshops related to sketching, watercolor and painting in acrylics.