Original Paintings Inspired by Mexico, Aztec and Mayan topics. Realistic, Expressionistic, Abstract Art.
Our Teaching Philosophy: We employ a mentorship approach. Each participant receives individual guidance, one day to one month workshop participants. Abstract, realistic, expressionist or sketching all have equal importance in your development as a Sunday painter or a professional artist.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Abstract painting workshop in San Miguel de Allende rated number #1 on TripAdvisor

Searching for a workshop that will unlock the mystery of abstract painting?
Is it an abstract just splash and happy accidents? Are you wandering why your abstract are not as attractive as some you admire in the galleries?

This workshop will give you the answers.
Lear the basics, play and practice!
We offer one day (9:30 AM to 1 PM Mondays)
Abstract 101 Mixed media workshop, $95.00
and one week
Abstract 101, free your creative self workshop
The week long workshop is offered monthly with a min. of 2 and max of 6 participants.
Cost $950.00 with materials

Contact us with your travel plans and register in advance.

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