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“Art studio not to miss!” visitor 2017

Latest review on TripAdvisor Eyes of San Miguel Acrylic on Canvas, 47" x 31.5" By Cristi Fer "After visiting many art studios in SMA, I was very impressed with the originality and quality of Cristi Fer and her artistic style and imagination. So much so that I commissioned her to create a "One of a kind piece" (oil on canvas) that combined the theme of a Dia De Los Muertos Celebration and a bike race peloton. The result is truly a unique work of art that never fails to elicit comments of praise and appreciation. Her downtown studio not only offers a large number of original paintings but she also has an excellent reputation for her painting classes, at all levels." Visited January 2017

Welcome to Cristi Fer Art gallery in San Miguel de Allende!

We want to give you a pick into our gallery! Cristi Fer Art Located at Zacateros #4, just few doors from Umaran, the gallery's home is a Colonial house 200 years young. The court yard, so customary to most San Miguel businesses give us some extra space to display large art work. The gallery space  is bright and inviting and the art work, even the abstracts, are inspired by San Miguel! We offer a great variety of sizes, paintings on canvas, canvas board and paper.  We also have note cards and photography of the city's doors and characteristic views. If you visit or if you have a San Miguel home don't miss the gallery! We have something for every one!  Our prices are also very competitive, since we are the gallery owners, we have no need to increase prices 70% to 150% as most gallery must do, to cover expanses. Looking forward to meet you! Cristiana Marinescu and Fernando Gonzalez, painters and owners 

Best abstract for your San Miguel home

What stands out about San Miguel de Allende? History and tradition is embedded in the architecture, pilling walls, old doors, and the faces of the people. The bright, crisp light give the narrow streets and extra brilliance and sharp shadows. The soul of Mexican painter Fernando Gonzalez  is touched by this experiences and the inner experience transpires in the new abstract mixed media paintings. Local and international collectors are loving his new art ! Stop by Cristi Fer Art Gallery, admire the new work, meet the painter, and take home one of Fernando Gonzalez, innovative paintings.

San Miguel inspired paintings

"Down the street" by Cristi Fer Acrylic on Canvas, 5 ft x 3.31 ft The environment we surround our self with, has an impact on our art. Different perspectives and interpretations of "reality". We love to paint what we love to see and experience. "San Miguel street 2017" by Cristi Fer Acrylic on paper 19.5" x 25.5"

Innovative San Miguel inspired abstracts at Cristi Fer Art Gallery

San Miguel textures by Fernando Gonzalez Mixed media on canvas, 5ft x 3.31ft Inspired by San Miguel de Allende charm and history, painter Fernando Gonzalez is working on a series of large abstracts. The textures of this old Colonial town blended with the feeling of history embedded in the walls moved this Mexican painter to create some unique abstract expressions. The new abstract have being well received by the locals and international collectors and it is practically flying off the walls of the gallery.