Latest review from painting workshop participant

"We signed up for the five-day acrylic class, which run in the mornings M-F. Each day, Cristi had a different concept/technique to teach us. Starting from abstract warm ups and use of tools, then progressing to shading, perspective, and negative spaces. Both Cristi and Fernando are accomplished artists, each quite different in style, and it was a privilege to be guided through the creation of works by them. We created three final paintings, plus the warm ups. Classes are in studio, and they work with each individual in what one is interested in creating and one's ability. You work fast and furious, and in flash the week was gone. I'm thrilled with the result and have even more respect for artists and their knowledge. Never again will I say, "I can do that!" when I see an abstract, I can now really appreciate works not just for beauty, but the act of creation."

July 2016, Melbourne, Australia