Last Summer in San Miguel de Allende painting at Cristi Fer Art Studio

In the last week the weather got much cooler. About 80 degrees F and a bit cool in the morning and evenings. And some torrential rain at night.
As I was thinking of how different this May 2016 in comparison with last year and working on the computer, I run across some last summer workshop photos.
Here is one of them.
I sure had a blast those 2 weeks of sketching and painting!

If you are a beginner painter looking to gain confidence and learn new techniques, or an experienced artist looking to jump start their creative flow, consider spending one or 2 week of painting in San Miguel de Allende at our Crsti Fer Art Studio and Gallery.
Summer is a great time to visit San Miguel.  Our Summers are not as hot as AZ or NM. The hit is dry so even 80 F don't feel terribly hot.
If you are an art teacher or a teacher enjoying Summer break, looking for a relaxing painting holiday, this is the workshop for you!

You can choose from attending
5 Paintings in 5 Days
Art Adventure
or Painting Mastery, for advanced painters
Contact us with your travel plans and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
Groups of 4 to 6 receive 5 % discount!