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Some recent sketches

Hi I just want to share some recents sketches. Since I started a new blog, with the intention to encourage as many people as possible to start sketching. It's easy, and all it take is your willingness. Use whatever paper you have, even a newspaper! Sketch with pencil, crayons, markers. Start with one line at a time. Look around, draw the coffee cup the TV, the papers on the table, whatever is in front of you. No matter how simple or primitive it's a start! Look at the object and just move your pencil/marker without looking at the paper! See what happens! Give it a try and share with us the result!

Color, paint, fun, sunshine at Cristi Fer Art Studio, January 2015

Just a peek at what some workshop participants were creating at Crsti Fer Art Studio, last week. Notice the sunshine and beautiful weather of San Miguel de Allende in January 2015. Join us for a day, a week or a month of painting!

Summer 2015, One Month Painting Course

This Summer of 2015 we will offer a special program. 4 weeks of art in San Miguel de Allende June 1-26 July 6-31 August 3-28 Mo-Fri , 9 AM - 12:30 PM Each of the 4 weeks will be dedicated to one area. Week One: Sketching and watercolor Week Two: Plein air Week Three: Painting San Miguel from references Week Four: Focus on personal style and artistic goals Coast: 1500 USD includes most materials (sketchbook and watercolors not included) Max. 4 per month Register early since space is limited.