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Take a pick into our studio Holiday Workshops

This week we painted with a fun small group who created some brilliant work! Most of the participants have no or little experience, or have taken art classes in school but life took them away from drawing and painting! Participant painting San Miguel door  Check our sketching and painting workshops in the TABS above, and find one that is right for you. If the schedule and topics do not fulfill your interest or time contact us for plein air, mixed media, abstract or watercolor intensive workshops or just one day of fun! Join any workshop with your own group of 4 or larger and we'll give you a 10% discount! Student art, acrylic on board 

Sketchbook Jump-start in Mexico, an art vacation on a shoestring.

Would you like to capture the moment in your sketchbook, during a vacation or an ordinary day? It will enhance your travel experience; give you confidence and inspiration as an artist. As a child did you use to make fast sketches with no concern or self judgment? Just for fun! Have you promised yourself for years, that some day you'll make time for art in your life? Are you a painter who never took an art or drawing classes? Do you wander if drawing/sketching would bring a new dimension to your art? Did you use to draw but got so involved with the technology that the computer offers that you lost touch with the joy of sketching with a pen or pencil? We created this art vacation for you and we made it so affordable  that it's no excuse not to say YES! With experience guidance from me Cristiana and from Fernando Gonzalez, both painters teaching from 1989, learn the art of “seeing” and transport the world around you into a quick sketch. If you are an artist at

Is it safe to visit San Miguel de Allende Mexico and can I take the chance to enjoy a painting vacation away from snow in 2014-2015?

Many have asked us this questions! We lived in San Miguel de Allende and for some times in Guanajuato, the state capital, for about 4 years. We consider our self fortunate! Thursday afternoon in San Miguel, going to the bus stop. Located in the center of Mexico, about 4 hours drive from Mexico City, Guanajuato is one of the most beautiful, cultural area of Mexico and it's blessed with fantastic weather all year around. Traditional huge poppet going to celebrate in the main plaza of SAn Miguel de Allende, Nov. 2014 The streets are full of people starting as early as 6 AM, rushing to work, later you'll see parents taking their kids to school, the tourists start looking for a coffee shops about 9 AM. It is an over all friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  The local bakeries, such as la Espiga on Insurgentes, has delicious whole grain goods! The streets are busy all day and into the night. So far in 4 years I did not witness a street fight, burglary, or police botheri

Great Event in San Miguel, Nov. 8 CAMINARTE

Next Saturday Cristi Fer Art will be in Parque Juarez in San Miguel de Allende, with new art work and opportunity to ask questions about our workshops and register. Here are some photos from the last event we participated in Parque Juarez last weekend Day of the Dead event! New painting, view of San Miguel by Cristiana

Dogs of Day of the Dead in San Miguel de Allende

We want to share with you some photos of the most adorable dogs that passed by our both Sat and Sun, Nov. 1 and 2 at the Caminarte Day of the Dead Event in Parque Juarez in San Miguel de Allende! Sophie baby   At the park with Mom  In-prompt meeting I always pay attention!  So much love! Big eyes baby  So, where next_  I love flowers... Big Boy So sweet  I love you too Something is going on....over there... Sleepy eyes  Always on the go