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Join us in San Miguel for a fantastic photography tour!

Are you looking for a cooler place to spend a week or two in Mexico? Visit us in San Miguel de Allende! We still have space in our July and August workshops! Frida Style Self Portrait workshop in July 14-20 And the Photography tout in Aug. check it out! San Miguel has fantastic weather in the summer and with us, you'll discover best hidden spots to take memorable photos! Contact me ASAP. Our groups have a max. of 4 Learn the basics and take photos like a professional photographer! You will receive individual attention and direction! Beginners encouraged to participate! Add caption

Art Studio Retreat

Enjoy a one one one, Self discovery and Art retreat. For women in transition. For more photos and info go to:

New Women in Transition Retreat in Mexico

Image For more info and more photos visit the link above!

Women only retreat! A week long in Colonial San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Self-Discovery and Healing Thru Art A women only retreat! A week long in Colonial San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Are you at crosswords, have you experienced a loss, do you need time away from family or work, are you a professional women or busy mom always taking care of others? Join us for same “ME” time! We are offering quiet, safe, nurturing retreat in San Miguel de Allende. San Miguel is a Heaven for painters, writers and photographers! We’ll start the day with meditation and continue with creative writing, collage, painting, and creativity enhancing exercise. You’ll have the afternoons to explore, enjoy, or get a massage or read a book! Emerge a more self-loving, clear, centered individual. We offer Single room occupancy with private bathroom.  Max. 4. The retreat is located in a truly Mexican neighborhood 20-30 min walk to the main plaza..  Cost $1200 Includes: Morning Meditation Continental breakfast of natural, local fruit, honey, gems, butter, cheeses,