Membership Benefits

Now we are offering a unique opportunity to expand your learning. 

3 Month unlimited Membership
Cost $100.00

Doors of Mexico, One Painting in One Day live online workshops offered by
Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops
Why become a Member of Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops online?
- During your 3 months membership you can register in as many Cristi Fer Art Online virtual live workshops and receive 30% discount.
For example the regular cost of a workshop is $75.00 the MEMBER pays only $50.00
Why attend several Doors of Mexico workshops?
- Each workshop will use a different Door of Mexico photo reference, each with its particular challenges and learning opportunities. You can also practice and implement farther the techniques already learned and add new ones to your tool kit.
- You will receive 1/2 hour PRIVATE consultation and constructive critique of your painting, after each session attended.
- Also if selected, your painting will be posted on Youtube with the instructors suggestions.
- After several sessions you will have a series of completed paintings featuring the same subject. This is one of the most efficient forms of advancing your painting technique.
- You will learn first of any new topics and workshops that will be offered in the feature.
Alla Prima, Iconic Mexican Doll
Live online workshop
offered by Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops