Original Paintings Inspired by Mexico, Aztec and Mayan topics. Realistic, Expressionistic, Abstract Art.
Our Teaching Philosophy: We employ a mentorship approach. Each participant receives individual guidance, one day to one month workshop participants. Abstract, realistic, expressionist or sketching all have equal importance in your development as a Sunday painter or a professional artist.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Online painting classes in real time starting April 6 2020

Demo by Cristiana Mar
Dear friends the current situation prompted us to cansel ALL in person workshops and to start offering painting workshops online.
How are we different? This is a class in real time. We paint with you, we give you demonstration and suggestions right then as you work on your own painting.
We'll start April 7 with one of our traditional workshops: Doors of Mexico.
10 AM to 1:30 PM
To participate you must pre register with $750 pesos (about $30.00 USD and $43.00 Canadian)NON REFUNDABLE
Send the payment in PESOS to our PayPal.me/CristiFer
And indicate the date and topic you are registering for.
After we receive payment we'll send you a list of suggested materials, and as selection of photos to choose from as a starting point. This are typical Mexican doors photos we've taken around Mexico.
We'll also send you a link to the Skype event we created. Please contact us if you have any questions. We'll love to here from you.
Other classes will be added as we progress: drawing/sketching, alla prima, watercolor, expressionist art, monoprint abstract etc.
Please also let us know your interest.
Looking forward to paint with you
Cristiana and Fernando 

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