Abstract 101 Mixed Media in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

5 Days of Work, Abstarct 101 Mixed Media at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops
in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

7 Abstract paintings created in 5 days of work at Cristi Fer Art
Gallery and Workshops, in San Miguel de Allende 
Just finished a series of several days of painting focused on abstract art.
And I think, this participant created some great work to be proud of!
Plus 7 others she painted on her own after class.
Sure ready for a show!
3 of 7 paintings completed in 5 days of abstract painting

Each session we applyed diffrent techniques of texture building,  principals  so compositin, basics of drawing and color.

An Abstract is so much more then a happy accident!

Interested in learning more about abstract art and the principals behind creating it?
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Bring an open mind and the ability to put asside preconsived ideas! It's all it takes!