Original Paintings Inspired by Mexico, Aztec and Mayan topics. Realistic, Expressionistic, Abstract Art.
Our Teaching Philosophy: We employ a mentorship approach. Each participant receives individual guidance, one day to one month workshop participants. Abstract, realistic, expressionist or sketching all have equal importance in your development as a Sunday painter or a professional artist.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Painting at Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende

I have many new projects! And I can not wait to get going on them!
Staring a new series, for me always involves
detachment and
commitment to paint every morning.

Following I will post one new paintings from the old Doors of San Miguel de Allende series.

Acrylic on canvas board
11" x 14"

Currently I accept commissions
I can paint a painting of your door in San Miguel or a version of this painting in 24" x 36" canvas size.