Workshop: Paint in Playa del Carmen

Paint in Paradise, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Maximun 12

                                          Beginners, inter mediate, advance

This workshop was design with the idea in mind to share our artist experience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We know that may wish they could express themselves through painting, but don't have the courage to start. We tell our self things like: You can't paint, you are not talented , people will laugh, I can only draw stick people. Or: I don’t have the time, I will sometime in the feature, it's to late to start.

Well, sounds familiar? Now is the time for you! We want to share with you our knowledge, and teach you the basics, as well as give you a bust with your self confidence as a painter. If you can write you can draw and paint!

We designed an affordable workshop. We want to make it possible for as many people as possible to have this experience, this is why we came up with this package. After a lot of research we found a great hotel at a fantastic location at an amazing group price!
You can do what you always wanted to do, paint in Paradise!

Focus: We will incorporate group instruction with individual nurturing support  We are focused on enhancing your personal style, and natural inclinations. We will incorporate personal attention and instruction. Our goal is to help you reach your next level as an artist. And have an amaizing vacation!
Each student will have the option of scheduling personal time, for personal guidance and critique and the instructors.