Original Paintings Inspired by San Miguel de Allende, Aztec and Mayan topics. Realistic, Expressionistic, Abstract Art. Photography and Note Card.
Our Teaching Philosophy: We employ a mentorship approach. Each participant receives individual guidance, one day to one month workshop participants. Abstract, realistic, expressionist or sketching all have equal importance in your development as a Sunday painter or a professional artist.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Friday per request painting workshops

Dear visitors and locals! Starting in September 2017

Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops
Located on Zacateros #4, corner with Umaran

per Request Workshops for Small Groups
2 to 6 participants
Great for small groups who cannot attend one of the regular
One Painting in One Day Workshops
or who want to learn/ practice other medias and sketching.

 Choose your topic





OIL PAINTING ALL LEVELS (materials not included)



Choose the time:
9:30 AM to 1 PM
3 PM to 6:30 PM

Each class cost per person is $95 USD and includes all the materials unless otherwise specified.
Contact us with your preferred date and according with availability we would love to accommodate your group!
When it comes to learning anything the instructor you choose is key to your success.

Fernando Gonzalez and Cristiana Marinescu are successful painters collected all over the world and who are guiding adults as yourself, in US and Mexico, in opening up to their creative muse, since 1989.
Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops
Zacateros #4, across from Oso Azul

See their outstanding reviews on TripAdvisor

Contact us ASAP with your travel plans!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dreaming of a painting vacation this winter 2017-18?

Painters of all levels, artist associations, art lovers, women groups, group organizers, discover
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México!
Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops
still have some spaces in their winter 2017-18
painting workshops.

Choose one of the following one week workshops
5 Paintings in 5 Days
Abstract 101 Mixed Media
Hacienda Painting Week
Participants in the Abstract 1010 Mixed Media Workshop
Summer 2017

All the workshops are studio painting from reference, using acrylic paint.
For more info read the description of each workshop by
CLICKing the title above in the top menu.
Winter in San Miguel de Allende 2017
Abstract mixed media by Cristi Fer

The schedule is as follow
starting in November 2017 to March 2018
First Week of each month
5 Paintings in 5 Days (a variety of acrylic painting techniques and topics resulting in 5 paintings)
Third Week of each month
Abstract 101 Mixed Media (experimenting with different types of abstract art and mixed media, loosen up your style)
Fourth Week of each month
Hacienda Painting Workshop ( includes intro to travel sketching, a visit to a historical Mexican hacienda and acrylic painting)

Acrylic painting demo by Cristi Fer 

Monday-Friday AM sessions
Hours vary
Relax and have fun!
Give yourself the gift of painting!
Explore a new hobby,
Develop your painting skills
Gain confidence

Loosen up your work

Study with internationally collected painters
Fernando Gonzalez and Cristiana Marinescu.

The workshops are offered in the Heart of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, renowned as an artist colony, authentic Mexican flavor and temperate weather!
The instructors have developed and facilitated painting and creativity workshops since 1989.

Contact Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops with you workshop options.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Abstract 101 Mixed Media new painting workshop in San Miguel de Allende

By Lauryl, Workshop Participant
The joy of painting resides in each of us!

All you have to do is let loose and let go of pre-conceived ideas. On the other hand, each abstract painting has an undetectable structure. You will learn to understand it and have fun applying it.

This workshop will enhance your creativity, give you an outlet to relies stress, help experienced painters loosen up, but no experience is needed to give yourself the gift of play and create your very own beautiful art!
By Ron, Workshop Participant

Discover another side of yourself!

We offer step by step instruction, in a small group setting so you can receive individualized coaching.
Registered early!
Only 9 participants per workshop!
Instruactor: Cristiana Marinescu, internationally collected painter and art therapist with 30 years of experience.

Cost $950.00 includes all the materials Class time 9:30 AM to 1 PM

By Deb, Workshop Participant
Nov 20-24
Dec. 18-22

Jan 15-19
Feb 20-24
March 20-24
April 16-20
May 21-25
June 18-22
July 16-20
August 20-24
Sept 17-21
Oct 15-19
Nov 19-23
Dec 17-21

By Ron, Workshop participant 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Looking for a 5 days painting and sketching workshop in Octouber 2017?

View from Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops
up on the terace. San Miguel de Allende 2017
Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops is located in San Miguel de Allende, the Heart of Mexico.
Are you looking for a painting workshop in Octouber?
We have space for you, but hurry and register now.
The workshop is named Art Adventure, Oct 23-27, 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Cost $650.00 includes matrials.

This is a great workshop for learning how to practice travel sketching in an inspiring and magical Colonial town of San Miguel

You will learn the diffrence between drawing and sketching and how to use both,
- sketches and
- photos
to create bright exhuberant patings!

We will paint in acrylics on canvas, learn and practice several techniques using brushes and palett knifes.

Paint and sketch in the morning and explor this exhuberat Colonal town in the afternoon.

We keep our workshops small limited to only 6 participants, since we want to give YOU instruactions at your level of experience.
Many beginner, intermediate and advance artists took our workshop and found that they learned so much! And we want to keep it this way! So contact us ASAP and register now!

This is what some participants say about our workshops:
" I can't say enough about how much I am learning about technique, color mixing, perspective, establishing a focal point, and how to 'control' the medium. Not everyone who is gifted as an artist (or has a particular talent) is also a good teacher-- BUT BOTH Fernando & Cristi are able to convey & teach what they know to their students. I simply could not be happier with my choice AND investment!" May 2017 workshop participant.

Sunny San Miguel de Allende, The Heart of Mexico 

What a wonderful experience! I have been working in water colors for awhile, but never in acrylics... Christi and Fernando are accomplished artists and art teachers who took me through the basics of acrylic painting, including an excellent intro to drawing, perspective, use of both brush and palate knife, color mixing and so much more. The classes are small... so the learning curve was both steep and satisfying. Highly recommended. " May 2017 Workshop participant 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Abstract 101 Mixed Media in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

5 Days of Work, Abstarct 101 Mixed Media at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops
in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

7 Abstract paintings created in 5 days of work at Cristi Fer Art
Gallery and Workshops, in San Miguel de Allende 
Just finished a series of several days of painting focused on abstract art.
And I think, this participant created some great work to be proud of!
Plus 7 others she painted on her own after class.
Sure ready for a show!
3 of 7 paintings completed in 5 days of abstract painting

Each session we applyed diffrent techniques of texture building,  principals  so compositin, basics of drawing and color.

An Abstract is so much more then a happy accident!

Interested in learning more about abstract art and the principals behind creating it?
Contact us with yout travel plans!
Bring an open mind and the ability to put asside preconsived ideas! It's all it takes!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 2017 workshop participants in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The month it's not over but we are so excited by working with this talentet artsti, could not wait no more to share some of their creations!

You too can join us in San Miguel for one day, one week, or several weeks of paiting!
Individual classes
Small groups
All levels of experience
Oil Painting
Drawing/ sketching
Abstract/ Mixed Media

Contact us via our CONTACT FORM with your travel plans!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What people say about One Painting in One Day at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende 2017
We love to share some of your comments about our workshops!
Here is a note from TripAdvisor left in Spring. 
May 6, 2017Reviewed by 221happytraveler
"In mid-April this year I took Fernando's four-hour workshop in acrylic painting. Although I had painted in the past, I learned many useful things about color and technique and gained a lot of self-confidence in the use of the medium. Fernando is a highly organized and results-oriented instructor. Students work in a large, well-lit space where all the materials are meticulously laid out before each class. Students pick a photo of a building façade in San Miguel from several hanging on the wall, and Fernando takes them through the process of creating a realistic painting based on the photo. I was quite impressed by two things in particular: 
(a) Fernando's ability to break down the process into simple, straightforward steps, and 
(b) his respect for the student's work, in the sense that he never touches the student's canvas himself. Instead, he illustrates his points on a sheet of craft paper laid out on a table so that, in the end, what the student creates is truly his own work, not half his own and half the teacher's. This makes the students come away with a sense of achievement. ... The fee covers the use of paints and brushes plus the cost of one stretched canvas, and .... a class by a talented, experienced painter with a higher degree from one of Mexico's best schools of fine arts and a solid, didactic approach. The class is intended, above all, to have the students enjoy themselves while gaining familiarity with basic techniques and getting immediate results. Fernando is easy to talk to and is patient in answering questions. All of this enhances the experience. I highly recommend his workshop."